Legend Construction & Development

Legend Construction has been in business for many years now, and brings over 60 years experience to the table. The team approached Typo with a vision to bring unity and updates to their current identity system. Legend works in multiple industries: Custom Homes, Multifamily, and Additions and Renovations. Utilizing their current logo, the team designed a system that brought all three industries together. Through a collaborative process the Typo team were able to execute an identity system and website that shows the core values of Legend.


Brand Identity
Website Design

Utilizing the old for the new.

The Legend team wanted to utilize the original logo for the company. This logo was the main reference point for the Typo team. The final design was an updated version of the original with expansion of the identity into the three main industries. A crucial design move was to pull the “L” from Legend into the different aspects of the system. These design initiatives resulted in a square shape identity system that paired a new type face to identify each sector.

Additions & Renovations
Custom Homes
Multifamily Development

Website Formality

Legend’s original website was in a need of a refresh, and quickly became a focal point for the teams to come up with a new solution.

Utilizing the square and rectangles of the new identity, Typo designed the website
with a grid form to match. The structure of the grid allowed the visual elements to cohesively fall into place.  

The website now serves as a showcase, and inviting interface for new customers.