Collegiate Abbey

Collegiate Abbey is an institution that re-envisions the structure of ministries within the college context. They are the advocacy partners for those in leadership roles within these groups.

Initially, Typo identified that the brand required a website redesign to help convey its intent, define a clear, concise mission statement, and have a deliberate avenue to contact those they are reaching out too.

This project required the studio to develop the brand’s assets, how it communicates within the limited context of a website, and its outreach to its end-user. Along with website development, the scope of this project entailed social media buildout, new graphic assets, an email campaign, and app. development (currently under construction within Phase 02)


Brand Identity
Package Design
Advent Publications

For to us.

Throughout the year, Collegiate Abbey and Typo collaborate on studies for the organization to use. These studies are designed based on themes and made available via e-pub and printed versions.

“Welcome to Advent and Christmas at The Abbey, our annual six-week study that explores both the Advent season (4 weeks) and the Christmas season (2 weeks) from a unique perspective.
For many of us, the Christmas season gives us a sense of hope.

This year, we will be looking at the hope-filled promise of the Messiah given in Isaiah 9:6.

We decided to name this year’s study “For to Us” because these three simple words reveal a beautiful mystery: that God initiates with us and moves towards us, even in the midst of our brokenness.”