Our work makes others great

We see our work with wellness brands as a partnership in helping others achieve greatness, whatever their goals may be. We empower brands to better serve their clients through collaborative design efforts that seek to make others great.

We focus on 2 core things

Brand Identity


Typo is focused on bringing brands to life through collaborative efforts that build relationships and achieve long term goals. Our processes are guides that facilitate conversations to ensure stories and ideas are communicated effectively and uniquely. Good branding never tells you what to think, but instead gently points you in the right direction.

Creative Content


When it comes to creative content, we believe the boundaries are meant to be pushed. Being able to see the full picture requires multiple perspectives in order to achieve innovative design. Diverse perspectives lead to innovative media that demand a response and influence culture. With skills in a range of mediums, we push the boundaries of media and design to communicate stories and ideas in the most effective way possible.


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Website Design
Website Development
Creative Direction
Motion Graphics

The Typo team brings a fun and energetic chemistry that propels relationships and collaboration.

Our team chemistry thrives because of a shared passion for where we live. Outside of the studio, you can almost always find us in the mountains or at a local beer garden. We thrive in Denver because we have access to so many activities and an incredible community. We’re a team of climbers, cyclists, runners, or skiers and we love to push the boundaries when it comes to experiencing life. Our passion is empowering the products and services that put people first.

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