Design and Coffee are meant to be together, and that’s just why the Typo team decided to pair up with founder Noah Leach. The goal was simple, make good coffee and good design to accompany it. The teams collaborated on design direction and how to implement brand architecture as the company begins its production.


Brand Identity
Package Design


Sustainability has become such a buzz word in the coffee industry over recent years, but that does not negate its importance. The coffee industry has long been striving to create a sustainable model for the economic, environmental, and social structures surrounding the industry, hence why the constant discussions around sustainability. The importance of being sustainable in coffee is due to the fact that many of the best coffee-producing countries have extreme poverty, and ensuring that the coffee farmers are paid fair and sustainable wages for their work will propel the industry forward. Trouvaille strives to be sustainable by supporting farmers who are practicing and implementing good agricultural principles and by creating a model in which baristas are able to make livable and sustainable wages.

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Best of The Best

Trouvaille is committed to only providing the best coffee available from around the world. They set themselves apart by going the extra mile to make that cup of coffee even better.